An incredible Montessori foundation for children and an inspirational resource for teachers and parents.

  • New Identity and Website

    We have a new logo at Baan Dek! We’ve also taken this opportunity to refresh our website. We’d love to explain the reason for the changes and elaborate on some of the key new features. With the logo, we wanted an identity system that was more flexible, one that better reflected the personalized nature of […]

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  • A Day at Baan Dek

    Every day is the same, and every day is different. Very young children thrive on consistency and routine, so every time they walk into the classroom, the materials are in the same place, they know what to expect from their day. Children might start out with something meditative to ease into their day Or they […]

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  • What Makes Baan Dek Different?

    We like to think what we do here at Baan Dek is rather unique. We thought we’d outline some of those aspects here: We are the only first and only accredited Montessori school in the state of South Dakota. The Association Montessori Internationale is the only foundation established by Maria Montessori, and is based in […]

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Passionate, hardworking, and optimistic, we’re more than just a school. We’re a community of learners. We provide a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment, one that is dedicated to exploration, experimentation, and self-discovery. We understand that the power of mistakes is just as important as the joy of success, and we welcome each and every child to discover who they wish to become.

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