A Guide to the Pink Tower


The Pink Tower: When you think Montessori, you think many things. One of the first things that usually comes to mind is the Pink Tower. What is the Pink Tower?

Materials: The pink tower is composed of ten solid wooden cubes. From 1x1x1 cm to 10x10x10 cm.

Aim: To build the graduated, three dimensional blocks.

Results: To understand sequence and order, develop visual discrimination and an awareness of dimension.

Observations: Watch as the depth and complexities of this seemingly simple activity come alive. This may be the single best video explanation of the pink tower. Ginna Sackett, the teacher trainer of the Montessori Institute Northwest, trained our very own Charlotte Wood.


The pink tower develops visual discrimination and helps develop an awareness of dimensions. This is particularly relevant, to the size and shape of the child's environment. They have a model for comparison. The pink tower also helps reinforce eye-hand coordination, and strengthens small muscular movements. Additionally, the pink tower introduces children to an appreciation of math concepts, such as smaller and larger, and also serves as a preparation for the decimal system, with ten units in the activity.