A Gentle Moment

We managed to capture a rather 'gentle' moment on video. Of course, these moments happen every single day, in all sorts of ways, but we thought we would take this opportunity to share this moment with you. Please make sure that your volume is turned up, and that you pay extra careful attention to the very end.

Here's a very short explanation of the activity, and the wonders of learning language in Montessori:

Ms. Wood is working with one of our students on the logical adjective game. The logical adjective game gives the child an opportunity to practice reading. Also, it enhances the role of the adjective in modifying nouns, and allows children the chance to explore their personal preference in literacy.

When our student makes the connection between what she was reading, "gentle", and what "gentle" is, it's an absolute spark of magic. And, the fact that she connects it to taking care of her baby sister...we almost started to cry. It's these connections that we try to foster, and that make Montessori so unique.

Montessori famously said that anyone can learn how to read Shakespeare, but not everyone can truly understand what is said. She's on her way...