Transitioning to Montessori


A few steps and suggestions to phase your child in to Montessori.

New students who are just beginning at Baan Dek start out with a shortened set of hours for the first week. This is to ensure that each child receives the extra special attention that they deserve.

Typically, we recommend that new students come to school for a certain amount of time. In our case, we suggest one hour, and then slowly increase those hours by the end of the week.

We do this in order for our students to feel comfortable, and adapt to the classroom and materials, without feeling overwhelmed or abandoned. Children will benefit from this extra individual attention.

As the week progresses, children start to form new relationships, adapting to the dynamics of the social group. Of course, they are faced with new challenges and learn to develop new procedures.

It's an exciting time, and we really try to alleviate any concerns that parents might have, by slowly transitioning children into the Montessori environment.