Finding Montessori

One of our newest families, who just moved here from Philadelphia, sent us an incredible note. With their permission, we couldn't help but share it here. For us, the letter says so much. We feel very fortunate to have such compassionate, understanding and engaging families. Block by block, we feel the community growing. Not only within our area, but also on a much broader scale. Josh has just started a blog, called DBA: Daddy (Doing Business As). You should definitely check it out.


Bobby and June,

We enrolled our 3yr old daughter in the part-time program at Baan Dek Montessori two months ago because everyone we met there seemed to exude a conscious compassion and genuine passion for education.

The more I witness the Montessori method of teaching in action, the more I realize how misguided I was in thinking that Montessori was simply a school for the over-privileged children of liberal parents who see structure as stifling.

Over the last two months, through your workshop initiatives like “Preparation for Numeracy”, my wife and I have come to a deeper understanding of (and appreciation for) the Montessori method. We now recognize Montessori as a bridge between conceptual learning and physical comprehension...a maternal imperative since our aspirations for her, educationally, go beyond the development of scholastic competence. We have a sincere desire for her to comprehend the world in which we live... and be empowered to enrich it.

Baan Dek is actually an advantage, as opposed to an amenity, that we are grateful to afford our daughter.

Thank you for making it possible.


Josh Sapienza and Sarah Jones Sapienza