Competition in Montessori


We thought we would take this opportunity to address the role that competition plays in Montessori. There's a misconception that Montessori students don't compete.

We think this is the farthest thing from the truth. Montessori students are fierce competitors. As a matter of fact, we think that, in many respects, they're more healthy competitors than those traditional students they're often compared against. Why? Because Montessori students compete with themselves. They're not trying to measure up to their peers. They're trying to meet, and then excede their own expectations.

Imagine, for instance, two students locked in a heated race to see who could achieve the results of an activity the fastest. The winner only needs to beat their opponent. They don't need to beat themselves. Our own personal best is what keeps us striving. Not to mention, in Montessori, no one has to fail in order for our students to succeed. Another way to say the same thing: Montessori students don't set each other up to fail. They set each other up to succeed!