Letter Work & Number Work


Opportunities don't always present themselves. Sometimes you just need to follow your passions, and try to realize your dreams. It sounds melodramatic, we know, but that's exactly what happened. That's also, exactly what children aspire to do: to become whoever they wish to become.

From the very start, then, before we even opened our school, we wanted to write a series of children's books. The books that we envisioned were primarily devoted to bringing a new found awareness to Montessori. Not only would they aim to highlight some of the many beautiful and wondrous insights that Maria Montessori herself discovered, they would also offer children a new way in which to learn.

Books, perhaps more than anything, have magical powers, powers that lend themselves to experiences and memories, to exploring the past and to thinking about that which remains to come. If we close our eyes, and listen very closely, we can even hear our mother, or father, reading aloud our favorite books. What enchanting thoughts! We can also picture ourselves, at that age, knowing, with 100% certainty, that nothing was impossible. We waited, almost desperately, only to grow up to chase down our ambitions. With Letter Work & Number Work, which will be published by Abrams new imprint, Appleseed, we've tried to achieve just that: a fun, interactive and memorable experience. We hope you enjoy! The books are now available for pre-order! Check them out! Let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you.