Montessori Blueprints


We have some very exciting news to share. One of our parents, Hugh Weber, along with Bobby George, has just launched a Kickstarter project, called "Montessori Blueprints". Check it out! 

The ambition of "Montessori Blueprints" is to increase awareness about Montessori education. For years, we've been trying to find a way for students, parents and alumni to share their passion.

Well, we think we've found it. With this project, we're creating a series of museum quality blueprints of some of the most famous Montessori activities: Pink Tower, Binomial Cube and Cylinder Blocks.

Our hope is that you'll want them in your home, in your office, or, perhaps, most importantly, in your children's bedrooms. Next time you walk into a doctor's office, or a lawyer's office, check their walls!

We only have thirty days, from now, to make this happen. We hope you can help us out. Spread the word! Let us know if you have any questions.