Imagine: Playing Outside


We love playing outside. We love exploring nature. More than anything, though, we enjoy the company of our friends. We sit and think. We run and dash to imaginary finish lines. We converse about the weather. We discover ants, where we didn't think ants could be. Oh, and spiders too!

We chase down shadows, trying to understand why the sun is always on the other side of the school. We peer into the rocks, searching for answers to the questions that we've invented ourselves. We pet London, the dog. We spin and twirl, hoping to dance for the entire afternoon. We stare at the sky. We tell stories. We sit with our teacher in the shade. Sometimes we hold hands and rush our fingers through the grass. Other times, we sit in a small group, and discuss private things. You see, for us, learning doesn't just take place inside. We also learn outside.