Manifesto for Education


One of our parents, Hugh Weber, has decided that he wants to pursue writing a book about Montessori. Well, it's not actually about Montessori, per say, but rather, about the insights that he has learned, and continues to learn, from Montessori. These are lessons, he believes, that we can incorporate, not only in our educational system, but in the way we live our lives.

Well, maybe that's putting it in words he would be uncomfortable with. Nevertheless, he wants to hear from you. He wants to know what you think about his project. He's created a little survey to help him get started and he'd love your help. You see, he's not out to raise eyebrows, he's out to change the conversation. With your help, we think he can do it. All too often efforts like this focus on challenges, problems and deficiencies. This project has instead taken a perspective of possibilities.

Here's the, "Manifesto for Education". It'll only take but a few minutes. He's inspired us. We hope he inspires you.