Not Cot

Letter Work and Number Work were recently featured by NOTCOT. Apart from being totally flattered and humbled by this nice write-up, it's also pretty awesome to share with you that Jean and Justine, the founders, "both grew up Montessori kids".


As they explain on their site, "Well one of our sources of inspiration - or what molded us at an early age, was Montessori schooling ~ especially the really fun woody “educational” toys we grew up with… from the sandpaper letters to learn to write, those heinous beads i loved/hated to learn about decimals, the multiplication board had those great little red beads, the satisfaction from tasks like pouring sand and pellets from one container to the other, the trinomial cube, the blue geometric solids (perspective drawing 101?), and that infamous pink tower… [to kris of BLTD - our tiniest pink cube was the most coveted too! we should make necklaces with that for other Montessori kids who grew up!] So now you know - we were Montessori kids, and i think the impact of Maria Montessori’s genius helped make us the obsessive design lovers we are today."

By the way, you should totally read the comments on the review. So many people were inspired by Montessori. If you have a story, we would love to hear it. Send us a note!