Happy, engaged and social

We talk a lot about academics, showcasing activites and exercises, writing about the benefits and outcomes. Yet, underlying all of this beautiful work, is a fundamental belief in the social component of learning. We like to say, social success leads to academic success, because if the child is happy, engaged and wants to learn, nothing can hold them back. Here's a perfect example: one of our three year old students took it upon himself to wash the dishes.

Now, from a certain perspective, there is definitely an "academic" side to this, i.e.: fine-motor skills, order, concentration, etc. However, there's also a guiding social component. Namely, there's a community behind those dishes. They weren't used by one single hungry student. Essentially they were used by an entire classroom. Knowing that we're in this together, this young student opted to wash the dishes for all of his friends, not just for himself. Imagine a form of education predicated on living and working together.