OTA Sessions


A little over three years ago, at an exhibition of sorts, we had the great opportunity of meeting Hugh Weber. Hugh is one of those larger than life type characters. Before you meet him, you seem to know everything about him and you're just trying to evaluate if what you heard is true.

Well, "it's all true", as one of our mutual heroes, Orson Welles, used to say. Most of it, anyways. Wink. Wink. Hugh Weber is known for many things. Perhaps, most importantly, he runs the OTA Sessions. However, we urge you to inquire about his other accolates. Oh the wonderful stories!

Here's a little bit more about OTA: "OTA serves as a creative collaborative offering extraordinary experiences and engagements that educate, empower, and serve as catalysts for community-builders and change agents to improve the lives of all people living in South DakOTA, North DakOTA, and MinnesOTA." Yep, that's where the OTA comes from.

Baan Dek couldn't be more pleased to announce that we've sponsored the OTA Sessions for the third year in a row. Have you seen this years line-up? It might be the single greatest list of speakers to visit the region on the same day. We're very proud to call this region our home. And, we're very proud to sponsor Hugh Weber's vision for what OTA is, and what it is becoming.

You should follow OTA on Twitter: @otasessions.