Meet Angela Leinen


We're so very pleased to introduce Angela Leinen, the newest member of our Baan Dek team. Angela will be joining Ms. Wood in the Lotus Room, starting next Fall.

Before we tell you all about Angela, and why she'll make an awesome addition to our school, we thought we'd take this opportunity to describe our interview. After we exchanged the customary online formalities, we asked if she'd like to set up a time to meet. "Sure," she said. "I'll just need a little bit of an advanced notice, as I'll be driving down from Fargo."

"Fargo!", the team exclaimed. "Wow. That shows commitment!" Needless to say, we've really enjoyed getting to know Angela, learning about her travels and adventures, and hearing all about her passion for Montessori, foreign languages and music. Speaking of which, Angela is fluent in Spanish and Ukrainian. More on that later!

Here's a little bit more about her. Angela was born and raised in the farming community of Breckenridge, Minnesota, and completed her university studies at the College of St. Benedict. There, she pursued a degree in Hispanic Studies with a minor in music. She spent time abroad, in Spain as well as Chile. Most recently, she taught in a secondary school in the Ukraine, where she developed a love for borscht. You'll have to ask her about it!

We're so excited to have Angela join us!