The Building Blocks of Life

Over the summer, we sat down to put together our thoughts on what education means to us: the values, principles and dreams that we hope to embody and impart. We started to call them the "building blocks of life."

Essentially, we wanted to share some of the many lessons that we have learned along the way and relay these capstones to a much wider audience. These are principles to which we aspire, foundations that we desire to lay, and inspiration that we always try to carry in our back pockets.

As with everything, we believe in the best. The best teachers. The best education. The best materials. That's why we teamed up with Dave and Cassie Medema of Funky Fresh Supply Co. They are the best at what they do.

Not only do they share the same vision for education, they also have a unique ability to capture tough concepts with their original and insightful designs. Together, we created a series of our favorite "building blocks" and put them in poster format. We hope you enjoy!

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