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Every day is the same, and every day is different. Very young children thrive on consistency and routine, so every time they walk into the classroom, the materials are in the same place, they know what to expect from their day.

Children might start out with something meditative to ease into their day

day 1

Or they might jump in, beginning with their most recent, most challenging work.

day 2

Children receive presentations

day 3

and work independently.

day 4

There is a great flow of concentration. Sometimes it looks like hard work

day 5

and sometimes it looks like fun.

day 6

Children are developing fine motor control and manual dexterity

day 7

and gross motor control and balance.

day 8

Children examine and are in touch with the world

day 9

discovering how thing work

day 10

exploring differences and similarities.

day 11

Caring for their environment

day 12

and for themselves.

day 13

Children learn from their own work

day 14

and from observing others.

day 15

You never know what today will bring.

day 16

This is a short video of a morning at Baan Dek. You’ll see from when the teachers first arrive, though the children going outside to play. Enjoy!

A Day in the Life of Baan Dek from Baan Dek on Vimeo.


Written by:

Charlotte Wood

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