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Baby-Led Weaning


Some of the greatest achievements in learning a child will make happen before even stepping foot in a classroom.

The foundations of independence, walking, talking, feeding yourself, all happen in those first few years of life. We always say, parents are a child’s first teachers, and these things a parent is teaching their child cannot be undervalued. She learns them through watching, practice, trial and error, through watching a parent’s example, through being given opportunities, with endless patience and love.

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It’s been so valuable, exciting, and joyful for all of us to learn from Jamie Bauer, who is currently on maternity leave to keep her own baby company in these big learnings in her first year. We talked previously about what it was like, taking the Montessori training into practice as a parent.

In this podcast, we talk with Mrs. Bauer about a new phase of life her family is going through — Baby Led Weaning.

Of course, we had lots of questions. What exactly is Baby-Led Weaning? Are there benefits to this approach? What resources are available for families who are interested in learning more?

Mrs. Bauer shares some of what they’ve learned so far in this process, including a book which has been a great resource to her, Baby-Led Weaning, by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett.

Listen to the podcast here!

Written by:

Charlotte Wood

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