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A new school year is so special. It’s momentous. We have cultural routines marking this special occasion — a new calendar, an indicator of Fall, fresh starts.

Children are often caught up in all this excitement and business, and it can be thrilling. When you’re a young child, however, future events can bring with them some anxiety, worry about the unknown. We’d love to provide some hints we find helpful in creating a smooth transition from Summer Life to School.

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  • Create a routine. Children love routine. The thrive with its predictability, are calmed by knowing what to expect, live well with surprises and the unexpected if there are certain aspects of their life they know are reliable. What would make your family life easier? Was getting dressed in the morning a struggle last year? Perhaps you can pick and lay out tomorrow’s outfit the night before. Did lunch boxes often get left on the kitchen counter as you raced out the door? A sticky note on the car handle or outside door can be helpful until lunchbox-in-hand becomes the norm. Have you been staying up late, enjoying the long days of Summer? The morning comes so early, and getting into the habit of a consistent sleeping and waking schedule can help smooth out this transition.

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  • Plan something special. Whether it’s a new backpack, or your child’s favorite fruit with breakfast, find a way to mark the first day of school. This day is different, it only comes once a year. What small way can you celebrate with your child? Do you have time for one more movie night? Can you go to the library together and read books at the park? Maybe instead of reading books tonight, you tell favorite stories of when you were in school, and recall special moments from last year.

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  • Have conversations. Even if school wasn’t your favorite, speak positively about school, all the awesome things your child is going to learn, looking forward to who will be their lunch partner, what they missed while they were at camp or home. You are your child’s Most Favorite. If you didn’t like school, and she wants to be just like you, she might decide to not like school either. Conversations about what your child did at school start by having a strong foundation of talking together at the end of the day. Share what you did. Ask “I wonder…” questions about school, such as, “I wonder where your cubby is going to be this year?” Curiosity is infectious.

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  • Don’t worry. So, this isn’t the year you have Pinterest-inspired lunches every day. Your child refuses to take a photo. The personalized poster you ordered from Etsy didn’t arrive. You just didn’t make it to the store and your child is wearing last year’s shoes. Or, you did make it to the store and this year’s shoes that you just bought last week are already too small. It’s okay. You’re doing fine. The most important part is that your child goes off to school feeling loved and knowing you’ll be there to hear all about their day later. You’ve got this.

Written by:

Charlotte Wood

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