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Happy Birthday, Maria

Thoughts & Reflections

Happy Birthday Maria! We have a present for you. It’s a promise.

A promise to seek deeper understanding, to set higher goals for ourselves, to make this the Best Year Yet.

To truly Follow the Child. To observe what a child is showing us, and to respond with empathy, understanding, and hope.

To see the child for who she is, who he can be, what she needs, how we can serve him.

To only make demands of ourselves, not of the children, not of their families.

To support the community raising this child, as our work, and a family’s work, all pave the way in helping this child grow into their greatest self.

To live this work. The work of Montessori, of helping children to become independent, full citizens of the world, seeking out knowledge from every experience, does not stop at the classroom door, or at a certain age, or time of day. This work is Life.

We know we’re never done. Thank you for getting us started. We promise to keep going.

Written by:

Charlotte Wood

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