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Holidays with Children


There are holidays throughout the year. Some require looking up beloved recipes on yellowed cards and hanging of decorations and long car rides. Some you only know about because social media or the Google Doodle informs you.

Holidays are a wonderful opportunity for stories and conversations with your child, and even establishing new traditions in your family.

There are major holidays celebrated around the world. Every culture has unique events honored on specific dates or around a certain time of year. Some of these might be familiar to you and your family. There might be holidays you don’t celebrate, but you’re somewhat familiar with, because of a close friend, or the neighborhood or country where you live.

“An opportunity to play, to Talk Story, to eat special food, to remember, to dream, to learn.”

There might even be holidays you intentionally choose not to celebrate, because of personal belief, because of heritage, because it doesn’t align with the values you’ve chosen for your family. This is also worthy of conversation.

There are holidays you might not have heard of before, or holidays you’ve always wondered about. There are days we honor by taking days off from work, days we used to get off of school but don’t anymore, days we’ve changed the name of for various reasons.

There are days which were absolutely thrilling as a child, but now don’t spark as much joy. There are days, traditions which have become more meaningful as we age, days of remembrance which touch us deeply when we have a personal connection to them.

There are fun or silly made-up days, and days that have been part of our national, religious, or human experience for generations. Just think about the Fourth of July, Ramadan, or Summer Solstice.

Every “holiday,” big or small, from Hanukkah to Eid to Veteran’s Day to Arbor Day to National Ice Cream Day, every one is an opportunity. An opportunity to play, to Talk Story, to eat special food, to remember, to dream, to learn.

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Written by:

Charlotte Wood

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