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In light of revising how we conduct our team meetings, focusing on specific topics instead of just having an open forum to chat, we thought you might enjoy a glimpse into one of our first sessions.

We discussed self-care, or what is often referred to as a therapeutics of the self.

We chatted about why it’s important – not only for the children, the parents, and our colleagues, but also for ourselves – that we learn how to take care of ourselves.


As we like to say, everyone deserves our best self.

Taking care of our self, like taking care of each other and the environment, is something that runs through the heart of Montessori.

Here’s what we outlined:

The children deserve: patience, calmness, and an absolutely unparalleled experience, including our indefatigably positive attitude.

The parents deserve: a positive, healthy and productive relationship, with clear-headed answers, and the best we can offer.

Our colleagues deserve: for all of us to give 100%, to be present, positive and healthy, with kindness, respect and professionalism.

The environment deserves : attention to detail, love and maintenance, as well as persistence and presence.

Here are some practical suggestions that we discussed:

During the day:

  • keeping a calm mind
  • breathing exercises
  • alleviating moments of stress

After school:

  • Rest, which is ever so important
  • Activities that bring joy
  • Hobbies


  • Mentally preparing for the week ahead
  • Asking ourselves, what enables us to be our best self

We hope you enjoy this tiny look into our team meetings. Of course, we’d love to learn from you. What are some things that you do at your work place that have helped?

Written by:

Bobby George

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