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It’s the week before school begins here at Baan Dek, and we’re spending this time in Inservice. It’s truly one of our favorite weeks of the year. We spend all Summer getting ready for it. Immediately after, we reflect on what could be improved for next year.

You see, the Montessori Classroom is called a Prepared Environment, a space we get ready for children at a certain age range, focusing on certain developmental achievements. This week, shelves are moved, materials prepared and placed just so, names put on cubbies and cups and placemats, ready for the children who go with them.

The space must be perfect, so the children can do their best learning.

we're never done montessori

We, in the same way, are the Prepared Adults. This week, we’re learning, reminding ourselves, getting ready for all that is to come.

We must work to be better, every day, every year. We’re never done learning. We’re never done learning about children, or about child development, or about Montessori, or about how we can approach our role as educators more effectively.

We’re collaborating and brainstorming. We’re having deep discussions and mindful moments. We’re challenging ourselves and each other.

In Montessori, challenge, motivation, reward comes from within. Not just for the children, but for the adults as well. So we’re gearing up, reflecting on milestones, setting goals, becoming Prepared.

It’s going to be wonderful. And it’s never done.

Written by:

Charlotte Wood

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