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When we’re thinking about how to make summer special, those dollar signs sure can fly by! While we all wish we could give our children the world, summer doesn’t need to be expensive. Here are a few almost free summer fun ideas.

  1. Visit the library. This one is an oldie but a goodie. Libraries are public resources that so many of us under utilize. Many have summer reading programs for children to encourage reading over the summer, and while a sticker chart isn’t something we would use in a Montessori classroom, it sure can be fun! Whether or not you participate in a program, the library can be a great way to cool off, to have an afternoon rest and reset for older or non-napping children, to get out of the house when the schedule is a bit more relaxed, and to dive into creativity and learning about different subjects. There are so many book series appropriate for all ages, maybe this summer you devour one together! Or, maybe this is the year you can introduce your child to a personal favorite, like Beverly Cleary’s Ramona books, or Brian Jacques’ Redwall Series.
  2. Plan a picnic. This is part of the reason this list is called “almost free.” True, this one isn’t free, but we have to buy food anyway, right? It can be exactly the same dinner, or something special, but if it’s eaten outside, or at a park, or on rocks at the beach, it’s just way more delicious.
  3. Staycation. If your job provides you the luxury of an afternoon off, look into any free events in the area. Summer is rich with festivals and activities, many of them free. international fairs, riverwalks, Four of July parades, music in the park, community outdoor movie nights, so many activities often exist in our own backyard, or close enough to be so, when we start to do a bit of research we often discover an abundance of activities we didn’t even know about!
  4. Stay outside. Find some bubbles, dig out some squirtguns, and enjoy the beautiful weather. The sunscreen isn’t free, but it’s worth it.
  5. Be spontaneous. Flag down the ice cream truck, or pull the ice cream maker out of storage and wait all day for the most delicious treat you’ve ever eaten. Make apple crisp/pie/crumble together. Pick berries. Go swimming. Fly a kite. Dodge a thunderstorm. Count sailboats. Build a sandcastle. The best parts of summer happy by chance; enjoy every minute.

Written by:

Charlotte Snyder

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