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The Power of Confidence

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Success is fluid. How do we qualify Success? Internal satisfaction, external rewards? Feelings of pride and accomplishment, a big bank account and an impressive title? Being relied on by others, a promotion? Personal and professional goal setting? So many variables. That meeting was a success, today was a success, I have lived a successful life.

There are a few things that align to create success, no matter the goal. Hard work, determination, and often a bit of luck. We tend to forget, or perhaps disregard, the important role Confidence plays in our success.

baan dek montessori the power of confidence

Have you ever trained and prepared and studied for something, but then just couldn’t see it through? Passed a swimming test, and then can’t jump off the diving board? Prepared for an important exam, and when you sit down on test day, your mind is blank? Taken Italian classes for months before your dream vacation, and then when you step foot off the plane in Rome, you spend a week silent or asking people if they speak English?

We have to believe in our abilities, in order for them to have any value.

“ We have to believe in our abilities, in order for them to have any value. ”

Knowledge isn’t worth anything, unless it’s usable. We might know the answer, but if we’re afraid to speak up when we’re called on, the perception could be that we don’t know, or perhaps that we don’t care.

It’s natural to be afraid of failing. It creates roadblocks when we’re so afraid, we’re unable to act. Acting takes courage, confidence in yourself. I know this. I know how to do this. Wow, this seems overwhelming, but, hey I know the answer to that question, or huh, I don’t know what this question is, but they’re asking about Phylum, so they’re asking something about Biology. I’ve got this!

baan dek montessori the power of confidence

The courage to start, comes from the confidence within. When we move forward from a place of mastery, as we do in Montessori, we’re creating a confident learning experience. When we have opportunities to help others, we’re confirming our abilities, which instills confidence. When we have the space to make and know the importance of correcting mistakes, we grow confident in challenge and in the face of adversity.

Confidence is key. It doesn’t need to be loud, it doesn’t need to be unreasonable. It can be quiet and still. With confidence, we can be Try-Hards. Is there anything that can begin without trying, is there anything trying cannot accomplish? Anywhere we want to go, we start with confidence.

Written by:

Charlotte Wood

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