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If parenting had a job description, “worrying” would probably top the list. From worrying about the what-ifs to wondering every three minutes if a child is still breathing (yes, they are. How about now? Phew.) to concern when they’re off at college and beyond, there’s near perpetual worry. Am I doing enough? Am I doing too much? I should have done or said this instead. Planning for a million eventualities which will, in all likelihood, never come to be.

We’re always here as a resource for families, happy to answer questions, or to provide support and to be an ally, or to troubleshoot and sympathize. We’re here to help, not to judge, or to push, or to expect.

We’re always humbled and grateful when a parent comes to us with something, a joyful moment to share, a challenging moment to address. That’s what we’re here for. Not just for a child, but for that beautiful baggage they come with, their family, their first and most important teachers, those guardians and guides who will keep them company long after we’re but a distant memory.

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It’s amazing, that old saying, “A worry shared is a worry halved.” Worry comes at night when it seems the dark (and the ear infection or the cough or the tears) will never stop. Worry comes when we’re alone. Worry grows and ruminates and suffocates. But when we let it out, when we ask for help, it dissipates. It’s almost like merely voicing the worry takes away its power.

When we ask for help, when we say aloud what we don’t know, we open the door for kindness, for support, for empathy. We increase the chances that someone who does know will offer help, and suddenly we’re not so alone, the dark is turning to light, the tears settle.

As humans but doubly so as parents, we’re often worried about, is this something I should be worried about? Should I be worried about my child’s eating? Should I be worried about my child’s speaking? Should I be worried my child… Well, anything?? Everything???

“It’s almost like merely voicing the worry takes away its power.”

We’ll let you in on a secret, a secret we wish would be more public, so, please, feel free to tell everyone you know. Every parent has just the same worries. You’re not alone. Your child and your love are unique, but your worry isn’t, and your love is so much more potent. Give voice to your worry, and open the door to help. We’d never betray a confidence, but we’ll share, 98% of the concerns we hear are the same, sleep, eating, a few tears here and there, a temper tantrum. It’s all normal, and you’re doing a good job. Everything is fine. You’re doing a good job.

Written by:

Charlotte Snyder

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