Baan Dek

Amanda Boerger


Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? Your background, your interests, your dreams?

I have family in South Dakota and California. I consider both states substantial to my upbringing. From my South Dakotan father I learned to be hardworking, independent, and spendthrift. From my Californian mother I leaned how to explore, emote, and to think for myself. I doubled majored in French Studies and Studio Arts at South Dakota State University with respective certificates in Printmaking and Modern & Contemporary Art History.

I love thinking and I love language. Therefore, I love any activity that rigorously exercises these interests. I obsessively look at, make, and think about art. I love to read but hate to be sedentary. I often listen to audiobooks and artist documentaries while I tinker with projects. I’m especially fond of drawing and painting. The process of studying and recording calms me and makes me feel present. When I’m at work or bound to any other non-art-related commitment, I try to maintain an artistic approach. I’m constantly observing, philosophizing, and seeking beauty no matter where I am or what I am doing.

My life’s goal is to find myself as an artist. It’s vague, I know, but I aim to work larger and more expressively and to reach a larger audience in the future.

Q: How were you first introduced to Montessori?

I have heard of Montessori in passing for a while. I took a greater interest when my boyfriend worked on a film project for Baan Dek.

Q: What was it about Montessori that resonated with you?

I love how positive the Montessori method is. Having dabbled in public school settings in the past, I was totally deterred from teaching because of the style of classroom management which dominates there. I love that the Montessori method is so focused on self-discipline. From what I’ve gleaned, in a Montessori setting children are redirected to behavior that will benefit them. Whereas, in a public school setting children are often forced to behave per the teacher’s desires.

Q: What brought you to Baan Dek?

I have many strong memories from my childhood, both good and bad. I believe that a safe and supportive childhood is imperative to having a productive and happy life later on. I’m excited to be able to help little ones build a solid early foundation for themselves.

Q: What treats do you always say yes to?

I say yes to sweets at least once a day. Right now I probably eat 30-50 peanut butter m&m’s a day.

Q: What is/are your favorite color/s?

My whole life I’ve oscillated between preferring red and green. Red makes me feel awake. Green makes me feel calm.

Q: What is your favorite childhood book or movie?

I liked Roald Dahl a lot when I was young, and later read some of his adult fiction in college. My favorite book which was also a movie was Matilda. I was quite obsessed with being a witch telekinetic for my entire childhood.

Q: How do you like to spend your free time?

I love building things. I love to paint, draw, and work on home improvement while listening to audiobooks and music.

I also spend a lot of time with other people. I love eating with and talking to friends.

I also like to run or do yoga every other day.

Q: What is your favorite animal and why?

My favorite animal is the elephant because they are majestic, have strong memories, and love people. Additionally, their eyeballs and eyelashes are beautiful.

Q: What’s a fun fact about your life?

I own a pretty gnarly, tobacco pipe-strained old house which rivals any 1970’s haunting film in decor.

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