Baan Dek

Julia Auch


Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? Your background, your interests, your dreams?

I grew up on a farm outside of Beresford, SD. I studied music in college. After college, I taught English in Japan for a year. I started my job at Baan Dek not long after I came home! As far as dreams go, I don’t have anything concrete, but I’m excited to see where I’ll end up!

Q: How were you first introduced to Montessori?

My sister-in-law currently works as an assistant at a Montessori school in Georgia!

Q: What was it about Montessori that resonated with you?

I loved being able to see that Montessori is for everyone.

Q: What brought you to Baan Dek?

A very lucky Google search!

Q: What treats do you always say yes to?

Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups

Q: What is/are your favorite color/s?

Almost all shades of purple. The darker the better!

Q: What is your favorite childhood book or movie?

“Anne of Green Gables” and “My Fair Lady”.

Q: How do you like to spend your free time?

Netflix, reading, or jitterbugging

Q: What is your favorite animal and why?

A mantis shrimp!!! They’re so fierce! There’s no way to be disappointed!

Q: What’s a fun fact about your life?

I used to live next to a toilet museum.

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