Baan Dek

Interview with Trevor Eissler


Congratulations on the recent success of Montessori Madness! A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education. You have managed to breathe fresh air into what is often perceived as the rather insular and self-enclosed world of a Montessori classroom. To what can you attribute this triumph? Luck. It all goes back to the lucky moment […]

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Baan Dek

Podcast with Arakawa and Gins


In advance of the podcast, we had formulated the direction of our conversation thus. Q: Maria Montessori proposes, in The Secret of Childhood, that the ‘creative urge of life’ is, essentially, love. She has a peculiar phrase for this particular articulation: she names it an “intelligence of love”. Later, in The Absorbent Mind, Montessori posits […]

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