We started the way most schools start, with three students, in one classroom, and a shared vision for the future of education. Inspired by the Montessori centenary, which we celebrated by the opening of Baan Dek, we were animated by the insights of Montessori. Growing slowly allowed us the opportunity to focus on what matters most: offering children a singular environment to explore their interests and grow as learners.

  • The Weber Family


    “Our entire family has found the spirit of Baan Dek and its philosophy of learning to be contagious. We've grown as thinkers, doers and creative beings as we've each learned something about the Montessori approach to education. Our only regret is that Amy & I didn't have the opportunity to be Montessori scholars like Emerson and Finn!” - The Weber Family

  • The Becker Family


    “We are thankful for the unique environment Baan Dek creates for our children to work in. The staff genuinely loves our children and the mixed age classroom has helped them grow socially. Our children can explore what interests them and the process of learning is valued over the results. The best thing about Baan Dek is our children have the freedom to be who they want to be. This keeps their passion in learning and life.” - The Becker Family

  • The Medema Family


    “Having both Evan and Fiona attend Baan Dek is one of our best decisions as parents. We overflow with pride when watching the two of them comfortably engage with people outside of the classroom. We're no longer allowed to order for them at a restaurant, water the houseplants without them or to make their beds for them each morning. The confidence and independence they possess in their daily adventures is a direct result of their work in the Baan Dek classroom.” - The Medema Family

  • The Chaplin Family


    “We are grateful that our children have the opportunity to be part of an educational community such as Baan Dek. We have enjoyed watching Emmeline grow from the toddler room to the primary room and embrace her creativity, independence, self-assuredness, and respect for her peers. The lessons learned at Baan Dek go beyond academic and we have confidence that they will continue to have positive influences throughout both our daughters lives. ” - The Chaplin Family

  • The Soares Family


    “Since our son started with Baan Dek we have noticed wonderful and positive changes in his behavior.  The mixed-age classroom allows him to model behaviors that he sees from the older children. The Montessori approach works well with our child's inquisitive nature.  We strongly believe that the Montessori classroom is already helping him become an even better big brother.  Our family is very excited for the day that our daughter is able to attend Baan Dek.” - The Soares Family

Baan Dek

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer an authentic Montessori education, based on the principles, methods, and activities of Maria Montessori. We take seriously the notion that everyone learns differently and at their own pace, and understand that there cannot be only one way to learn, any more than there can be only one way to teach. We also believe, as Montessori says, that children are the promise and hope for mankind, and that these foundations are the building blocks of life.


Our founders have a simple motto, one that encapsulates their life’s work: “Do what you love, love what you do.” It’s also a Montessori principle. If you follow your interests, you’re more likely to succeed, and to be passionate about your profession. Actually, it won’t seem like work, it’ll just seem like play. Surprisingly, perhaps, but that’s how all Baan Dek students learn. Through exploration, concentration, and practice, they develop the confidence needed to pursue their ambitions.

Our Hope

If there’s one ambition at Baan Dek, it’s to impart to our students the sense that anything is possible. Possibility, after all, was once, itself, impossible. Imagine, for instance, telling the founders of Google, Montessori students themselves, that it was inconceivable to organize the world’s information, making it universally accessible and useful to anyone. With an environment that fosters confidence, supports creativity, and nurtures the imagination, we truly believe that our students learn how to embrace their limitless potential.

Baan Dek
“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Baan Dek

Our Team

  • June George

    June George

    Founder: Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, June has a BA from Chulalongkorn University and a Master’s from the University of Warwick. June obtained her AMI Diploma from the Montessori Training Organization in London, England.

    Long-Distance Driving + No-Distance Running + Music

  • Charlotte Snyder

    Charlotte Snyder

    Head of School: Originally from California, Charlotte has a BA from San Diego State and a Master's from the Loyola University. Charlotte completed her AMI training at the Montessori Institute Northwest.

    Knitting + Sewing + Gardening

  • Kimberly Dynes
  • Jamie Bauer

    Jamie Bauer


    Jamie graduated from Northwestern College, where she holds a BA in Education. She's received her Association Montessori Internationale training from the Montessori Institute of Denver.

    Reading + Running + Knitting

  • Wen Duan
  • Rah Salonga
  • Jill Turbak
  • Angela O’Riley
  • Levi Walburg
  • Join Us

    Join Us

    Do you want to be coached, encouraged, supported, and part of a really special team? Are you curious about Montessori? Do you think children are wonderful and capable? We’re excited to hear from you. Email us at join@baandek.org, and let’s start a conversation.

    Asking questions. Being awesome.

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