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Charlotte Snyder Becomes Head of School

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We’re extremely pleased to announce that Charlotte Snyder will become Head of School at Baan Dek.

Charlotte started her career as a lead guide at Baan Dek in 2011, after receiving her AMI training in Portland, and working in public Montessori in Milwaukee.

Charlotte has assumed many important roles at Baan Dek in the past eight years. From serving as a teacher, a mentor to her peers, a confidante and companion to our families, and the voice of a growing Montessori podcast, Charlotte has graciously fulfilled each position with a characteristically rigorous and gracious style.

We’re very excited by this announcement. We have every confidence that Charlotte will excel in her new role. We’re equally excited by what this means for the community of Sioux Falls.

Founder June George will continue to work side by side with Charlotte, and you’ll see her every day, welcoming families and working to offer the very best Montessori education.

Baan Dek offers an incredible Montessori foundation for children and an inspirational resource for teachers and parents.

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