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Montessori Color Tablets

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One of the very best ways to describe the academics of Montessori is to frame it in terms of two concepts: the abstract and the concrete. On the one hand, the abstract exists in thought. It has no physical or concrete existence, but persists as an idea, quality or state. The concrete, on the other hand, exists as a material or physical form. It is real and solid, something tangible.

Whereas traditional schools starts with the abstract and lead to the concrete, Montessori starts with the concrete and leads to the abstract. It is a slight reversal, but an ever so important one. Take, for example, the Montessori color tablets. Montessori isolates the concept of red, blue, and yellow in a concrete form, as depicted in the picture above. Instead of pointing to the sky and saying that is blue, when it could really be light blue, or gray or orange, Montessori places the ‘sky’ in the color tablets.

The role of Montessori is to put the child in touch with the abstract, through the concrete.

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Baan Dek

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