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A change is in the air. We’re moving deeper into Fall, and some of us can feel Winter blowing in, just around the corner.

Every time there’s a change, a calendar page turning over, a birthday, even just Monday, we’re reminded of things — reminded how incredible the world is, when seen through a child’s eyes; reminded to be mindful and in this moment; reminded everything is growing, everything is good.

Children are fascinated by the changing and falling leaves. For some, this is the first time they’ve experienced Autumn, for others it’s a vague and distant memory, or something they only “remember” through stories shared.

We are reminded of the magic of Fall through a careful crunching of leaves below tiny feet. We are alerted to the beauty of this season with a hooded head bending down again and again and again to collect a bouquet of colorful fallen leaves. We are captivated by a child, who is enthralled with the wind whipping those same leaves we raked a moment ago, all across the street.

A change of seasons often requires different accessories. How very true of Fall!

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It takes a bit of time to discover how to balance when getting into boots, how to get a coat on right-side-up, how to get your fingers into each of their places in a glove.

Observe the concentration required. Notice achievements and struggles, where a keychain on a zipper might make a difference, or mittens might be better than gloves for this year. Where do we want to jump in and help, where do we feel frustrated with a child’s clumsiness when we’re irritated by having a late start, where would a deep breath, a five-minute-warning, a bit of patience with the toddler just wanting to practice putting on and taking off (and putting on and taking off), be helpful.

We can get so wrapped up in the stress of impending Winter, or not enough hours in the day, or busy weekends, we miss the noticing. We miss the consolation prize of this beautiful transformation. We miss the wonder and the awe.

Childhood is filled with five minute increments. Five more minutes of play before bath, I’ll read to you in five minutes, just wait five minutes, I wish I had five more minutes.

Maybe we set a timer, for just five minutes, and notice. Notice how long, how short, how much and how little, just notice. Notice the season, notice a child, notice change. Notice.

Written by:

Charlotte Wood

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