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Sewing a Button

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Sewing a button: Montessori students learn a number of unique, practical and challenging tasks in the primary classroom, one of which is, most certainly, how to sew a button. Yes, how to sew a button!

Materials: Thread, needle, fabric, scissors and a button.

Aim: To sew a button.

Results: Fine motor control, the development of concentration, the execution of a task, the process of sewing a button, and so much more.

Observations: In these wonderful photos, note the concentration, and the meticulous, careful, and deliberate nature of her movements. She’s highly aware of the fact that she’s working with scissors, which are sharp tools used to complete the activity, and an equally sharp needle, which she understands and is careful to draw her own attention to as she cuts, and then sews. Also, note the order of the activity, and how the materials are positioned just so on the table.

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Baan Dek

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