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Montessori schools throughout the world are lauded for their conception of freedom. Not only in their ability to teach children the concept of freedom, but also in their capacity to allow children the freedom to learn. Once more, it is that beautiful intersection of academics emerging in a social environment, where the child is encouraged to become who they wish to be.

Unlike traditional schools, the way that the Montessori prepared environment is established, children are allowed to follow their own interests. If they are interested in language, or geography, or practical life activities, for instance, they can spend the entire day committed to their own lines of inquiry. Of course, this is one side of the freedom story.

The other side of the story, the one that is most compelling in our estimations, is the child’s ability to develop the freedom needed to develop their own courage and confidence in thought. The freedom to think on their own. Montessori schools don’t teach freedom, they allow children the opportunity to develop their own freedom of thought. For us, there is nothing more important than having a child learn to believe in their own abilities, by having the freedom to learn.

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Baan Dek

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