Welcome to Baan Dek, a fully recognized Association Montessori International school, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Established in 2007, Baan Dek aims to offer an authentic Montessori education based on the principles and methods of Maria Montessori. Montessori education concentrates on the specific needs of the child. Children are taught on a one-to-one basis in a prepared environment. Montessori believed that "there cannot be only one way to learn, any more than there can be only one way to teach." The Montessori method has successfully been in practice for over a century.


Sarah Sibert

Testimonial: I am entertained by the wildly imaginative statements my child makes when describing her school day ("Mom, can we pleeaaase go to China?"), and amazed at the social skills practiced at school, ("Dad, did you ask to be excused?") but my heart literally overflows with joy each time I see a teacher kneel down at eye level to speak with my child.


Hugh Weber

Testimonial: Our entire family has found the spirit of Baan Dek and its philosophy of learning to be contagious. We've grown as thinkers, doers and creative beings as we've each learned something about the Montessori approach to education. Our only regret is that Amy & I didn't have the opportunity to be Montessori scholars like Emerson is!


Ashley Stoker

Testimonial: We had the privilege of our child attending Baan Dek from 2 1/2 years old to just finishing kindergarten. It was amazing to watch her skills and confidence grow with every new task she mastered. I believe Baan Dek has provided her with skills she never could have learned elsewhere. A truly wonderful place.


"The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind."

- Maria Montessori


Featured: The Binomial Cube

The binomial cube is a staple of Montessori classrooms. But, what exactly is it? It looks like a fun puzzle, and it is, but what's the logic behind the blue, black, and red wooden pieces? My daughter talks about it all of the time. Can you tell me more? Sure! The binomial cube is composed of eight wooden blocks and rectangular prisms which form a cube, the formula of which is: (a + b)3. Learn more.


Spotlight: Mary Lou Cobb

The Cobb School, founded in 1974 and located on five picturesque acres in Simsbury, CT educates children 15 months through sixth grade. Cobb’s mission, “Believe, Guide, Step Aside, Let Fly,” and core values—Respect, Responsibility, Independence, and Integrity—are felt in every element of the school. In this month's spotlight, we sit down with Mary Lou Cobb, and discuss Montessori, life and more! Read More.


We're Hiring. We're not looking for teachers or employees. We're looking for people that want to make a difference. We want passionate, hard working optimists. Of course, rigor and precision are important, but so is joy and attitude. We strongly believe that quality teachers are our best assets. Is that you? We would love to hear from you. Join us!