Montessori Guide

We're very pleased to introduce you to Montessori Guide, a new initiative by The Association Montessori Internationale. As an online resource tool for Montessori teachers, Montessori Guide strives to serve as an innovative catalyst to support teachers "in their daily work to meet the neeeds of children". Through a series of instructive videos, Montessori Guide serves as an excellent tool to serve and promote Montessori standards and practices. As Montessori continues to grow, one of the greatest challenges the community faces is quality. Montessori Guide is a really wonderful way to get a glimpse into quality Montessori education. We highly recommend that you peruse the videos.

Here's a brief quote from Siliva Dubovoy, who speaks throughout this video: "We have a been trained or conditioned by society to see children in a certain way. There is a different way to see children. To get rid of preconceived ideas about childhood. About certain things we do about judgement of the child. Criticising the child or looking at the child as someone inferior or someone small." We particularily like the tone and perspective. There's a lot of work to be done. We're excited to be a part of this conversation.