Montessori + Kickstarter


We wanted to provide everyone with a little update about our Montessori Kickstarter project. In case you missed it, and thanks to your support, we successfully funded the Montessori Blueprints! Yes, that's us, pictured below, smiling!

This project was initiated by Hugh Weber, a parent at Baan Dek, and Bobby George. Here's how the idea arose. One morning, at drop-off, we started a conversation. We were discussing ways in which to bring a greater sense of awareness and appreciation to Montessori. You see, we wanted to reach a wider audience, and share with them, what makes Montessori so important. In particular, we wanted to offer alumni, parents, and students, ways in which to share their enthusiasm for Montessori.

How best to accomplish this task? We thought it would be terrific to focus on the wonderful intersection of architecture and education. Why? Because there's so much precision in Montessori, and so many layers to the activities, that we thought Montessori Blueprints would be a perfect way to convey that unique sense of education that Montessori offers. While our ultimate goal is to see these prints on the walls of Amazon and Google, more than anything, we would love to see them in your schools, homes and offices.

Halfway There


We wanted to provide everyone with a quick little update. We've nearly reached the halfway point of our Kickstarter effort. We've also almost reached the halfway point to our fundraising goal. Hooray!

Thank you so much for your support. It's especially fun to be able to work with one of our parents, especially when he instigated the project to increase awareness about Montessori.

Above, you'll find half of a sneak peak of the Pink Tower print! It's going to be special. As part of the incentives of the project, we've also released a few special options.

√ For a limited number of schools and organizations, we're offering a print customized with the school or organization's logo. We think these will make wonderful gifts for donors, parents and graduates.

√ As one of the incentives, we're also prepared to create a unique, custom made website for your school or organization. Do you know of a school in need of a new site? We're happy to help.

As we noted before, our goal is simply to share the important message of Montessori. Even pledges of $5 show the broad base of support that exists throughout the world for the Montessori education.

You can support the Montessori Kickstarter project now!