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We recently held conferences, which are always some of our favorite days. We love sharing how children are doing, all the success and progress we’ve seen in our time together, what we’re looking forward to coming next.

Parents often ask us, what should I be doing at home?

First, there is no “should!!” If things work and are convenient for your family situation, they are beneficial for your child. If things are cumbersome, or create more work, they’re going to create stress, which doesn’t help anyone!

Montessori activities at home

Parents often don’t give themselves enough credit. You’re doing a good job! If you have a free minute, or afternoon, or a few days, and are looking for things to do, here are a few. These aren’t tasks, just a few ideas for spending time with your child. It doesn’t have to be much, just a shared experience.

  1. Spend time hanging out outside. Put on all the appropriate gear and explore, observe, read a book, hang out!
  2. Discuss the changing of the seasons. Is the snow melting? Are leaves emerging? Are days getting longer? Or shorter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere?
  3. Get out coloring books. Beautiful preparation for handwriting.
  4. Bake or cook a meal. Read a recipe, plan the process, gather the ingredients, measure, cook, stir, enjoy!
  5. Enjoy reading time as a family. This might be everyone reading or looking at a book quietly alone, or reading to or with your child.
  6. Involve your child in chores — laundry, sweeping, tidying.
  7. Do a puzzle.
  8. The next time your child asks you a big question you don’t know the answer to, find out together (do sharks sleep?) — ask Google, an expert, or the librarian.
  9. Rotate a few toys or books out. A limited number of items means a limit to mess and a higher possibility a child can help tidy independently, and when items re-emerge, there also might be renewed interest!
  10. Dig out an old game you loved, and teach your child. Who wants to play Go Fish?!

We love this topic so much, we recorded a podcast! Listen here for more on these ideas.

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Written by:

Charlotte Wood

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