Baan Dek

From Teacher to Parent


A child’s parent is their first teacher.

We love the children in our care, but there is no love like a parent’s love. We work to build a trusting relationship over the years we have a child in our class, but the child is not born trusting us like they do their parent.

We can never replace a parent.

Jamie Bauer has been at Baan Dek for several years, and we’ve missed her here these past few months. She’s taken on a new role, that of Parent. Mrs. Bauer is trained in the Birth to Three age range, so we naturally wanted to hear what these first few months have been like, learning to be a parent.

In this podcast, Jamie shares a few tidbits of life transitioning from Teacher to Parent, when she’s reminded herself of things the same way she’d talk to a parent in her class, when no amount of training will override that evolutionary pull to care for, tend to, worry about your baby.

Written by:

Charlotte Wood

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