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We Prepare the Environment


In this podcast, Charlotte Wood discusses the final aspect of our five Guiding Principles: We Prepare the Environment. The Prepared Environment is a specially curated space for children of a certain age, another word for “classroom,” a special place.

Adults work diligently to ensure this space is always clean, ready for the children, that everything is where it belongs. If there are no papers available for painting, it is because they have all been used for the day, not because we forgot to put them out. The materials available on the shelves meet the changing needs of the children who inhabit this space daily, neither too challenging nor too simple. There is no dust or debris.

Work is aligned to the front of a shelf, presented as though the most special people in the world were welcomed into this room daily, as though today is the day when amazing things will happen. Both these statements are not hypothetical, they are entirely true.

These are the most special people; this is the most amazing day.

Written by:

Bobby George

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