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Summer is here! We look forward to Summer all year, and not just because of the beautiful weather.

We love to explore different subjects together, reading books, having discussions, doing crafts around one of our many weekly themes. We’d love for you to join us! Pick a week, or all twelve, and come with us on this adventure.

We’ll hold true to Montessori, respecting and following the child, asking and answering questions, learning together. There are a few differences to Summer, though. We’ll do some kind of creative project, a craft or make something to eat, every day. We’ll spend a bit more time outside enjoying that beautiful sunshine. Some of the Montessori materials will be on vacation, waiting for the start of next year.

So, when will we see you? Learn more and sign up below!

montessori summer camp

1. TEN LITTLE FINGERS• June 5th-9th
We all have a body, let’s learn about it! Hair, skin, teeth, wiggly arms and jumpy legs. We’ll dance and learn and craft together using our hands and voices and ears!

2. BLOWING BUBBLES • June 12th-16th
Water covers so much of our planet, let’s be deep sea divers together! Fish, whales, kelp, sharks, plankton, there’s a whole world under the sea!

3. DIG DEEP! • June 19th-23rd
Put on your gloves, it’s time to dig deep! We’ll plant a garden, perhaps take one home, and did you know plants help make the air we breathe? Plants take care of us, let’s take care of them!

4. THAT’S DELICIOUS! • June 26th-June 30th
Some foods are a favorite, some are an acquired taste. Who knows, you might eat something you never thought you’d try! We’ll create something wonderful every day, and learn about manners, nutrition, and health.
Field Trip: Stockyards Barn Experience

Let’s celebrate! We’re red, white, and blue all over, and it’s a party in the USA. Let’s make some decorations and sing some festive songs!
* No School Tuesday the 4th!

Baan Dek

6. WHAT’S THE WEATHER? • July 10th-14th
Some days, it seems like we experience every weather! Clouds, rain, sun, snow, there’s no bad weather, only wrong clothing!

7. TO THE STARS! • July 17th-21st
What’s up there? Reach for the stars this week, shoot for the moon, fly to a far away planet, and the Milky Way isn’t just for eating!

8. A WORLD OF BOOKS • July 24th-28th
We all love stories, read to us, read aloud, made up in our minds. Let’s dive deep into the world of books, and we’ll even go to the library together! Do you know it’s someone’s job to be around books all day??
Field Trip: Library

9. BAAN DEK-ATORIUM • July 31st-August 4th
Children are born scientists, experimenting, wondering “what if?” and “why?” all day long. Let’s ask questions together, do some experiments, and play with the world around us!

10. AROUND THE WORLD • Aug 7th-11th
It’s a big world out there, and we’ll travel around it every day. There are children just like us near and far away, and we’ll learn about life on other continents. We might get to school on a catamaran or on a bike or on a boat, but we’re more alike than different!

11. ART FROM THE HEART • Aug 14th-18th
Some of us like crayons, while others prefer clay, and still others collage, but there’s always an artist living inside. Let’s explore color, shape, size, and texture, and we’ll see where our passion lies!

12. DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE • August 21st-25th
Slither, Tweet, and Growl, what’s your favorite animal? We’ll even visit some amazing animals at the Zoo, and learn more about our scaly, furry, tiny, giant animal friends.
Fieldtrip: Great Plains Zoo

montessori summer camp

Schedule Options:
• Half-Day – 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
• Full-Day – 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Primary Tuition:
• Half-day $128 per week.
• Full-day $188 per week.

Toddler Tuition:
• Half-day $138 per week.
• Full-day $198 per week.

We will continue to offer before- and aftercare during the Summer Camp Sessions. Please let us know if you’re interested in extended care.

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