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Summer is a special time of year. Actually, it’s one of our favorites at Baan Dek. While we maintain the philosophy and spirit of Montessori, we switch gears just a bit, carefully curating a wide selection of unique camps designed to encompass the joy of learning. Each week will be an entirely different educational experience, devoted to a brand new subject. One week will be dedicated to learning about rocket ships, while the next week will be spent exploring art or animals. We can’t wait to see what you choose. We’re so excited to get started!


1. ALL KINDS OF MUSIC • June 6th-10th
Everybody loves music! We’ll be listening to and talking about music from all over the world, Taiko Drums to American Folk music, music for dancing and music for sleeping. You might discover your new favorite artist!

2. EXPLORING THE SEA WORLD • June 13th-17th
What lives under the ocean waves? A gigantic blue whale eats tiny krill. There are giant kelp plants that grow to over 200 feet. Some fish have never seen the sun. What else can we learn about this mysterious world?!

3. ART IS EVERYWHERE • June 20th-24th
Paint, sculpture, collage. There are as many ways to make art as there are artists. We’ll learn about some famous ones, and maybe even uncover our own inner artist!

4. FUN AT THE LIBRARY • June 27th-July 1st
Inside books we find a whole new world. We can learn new facts, or dive deep into someone else’s imagination. We love being read to, and are eager to become readers. We’ll learn about poetry, short stories, fables, and facts. We’ll even get to go to the library together! Field Trip: Library

Baan Dek

5. COLONIAL AMERICA • July 5th-8th
America the Beautiful! This week starts on Tuesday, after a Monday off to celebrate our country’s birthdate. We’ll learn about our founders, and make some cool red-white-and-blue decorations! * No School Monday the 4th!

6. MAGIC GARDEN • July 11th-15th
Summer in South Dakota is time to play outside! Our dirt needs lots of play this summer. We’ll get outside and dig in the dirt, see if we can discover any garden friends, and learn a bit about gardening. Come dig with us!

7. OFF WE GO • July 18th- 22nd
Beep Beep! Planes, boats, tuk tuks. Things that go! There are all kinds vehicles that help us go on adventures. Let’s learn about them together. Wagons, catamarans, tricycles, let’s go!

8. ANIMAL PLANET • July 25th-29th
Mooooo! Roar! Caw! Animals are amazing. Some live on a farm, some hide in the rainforest, some stalk the savannah, some fly high and dig deep. We’ll learn about a different environment every day, and on Friday we’ll get to go see some amazing animals at the zoo! Field Trip: Zoo


9. SPACE ODYSSEY • Aug 1st-5th
Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered what’s out there? Why does the moon appear as big as a plate one night, and not long after it’s just a tiny sliver? Space is an amazing place, full of asteroids, planets, and that nearby star, the Sun! What can we see? What can we learn?

10. OLYMPIAD • Aug 8th-12th
On your marks! It’s time for the Olympics! While some athletes are in Rio de Janeiro, our athletes will be running and jumping here for the gold. How fast? How far? How graceful? We’ll learn about sportsmanship and being a good teammate in this fun week.

11. ALL ABOUT SCIENCE • Aug 15th-19th
Some things float, others sink. Gravity always makes things fall to the ground, though a feather floats, while a rock drops. Oil and water don’t mix, but add mustard and they make a fabulous vinaigrette. How can we use science to make beautiful, fun, exciting things?

12. COME COOK WITH US • August 22nd-26th
We’re having fun in the kitchen! This week, we’ll do a bit of cooking, but also learning about all the important things that happen before we get to eat something delicious. We’ll make something edible every day, and learn about kitchen safety, measuring, and nutrition. On Friday, we’ll visit some people who cook for a living — Breadsmith! Fieldtrip: Oh My Cupcakes!

Baan Dek

Summer Camps

We’re committed to the idea that learning doesn’t just happen inside a classroom. Learning takes place everywhere! Whether that’s at the zoo, or on a farm, or in an artisan’s bakery, the joy that accompanies new discoveries is pure magic. This Summer, we’ll head out doors, embrace the charms that only the summer can afford, and follow the interests of each and every child. We can’t wait to see where it’ll lead!

Schedule Options:
• Half-Day – 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
• Full-Day – 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Primary Tuition:
• Half-day $128 per week.
• Full-day $188 per week.

Toddler Tuition:
• Half-day $138 per week.
• Full-day $198 per week.

*Please contact us if you’re interested in before & after care. Also, please note that priority for Summer Camps will be given to current students and prospective students, before we start general acceptance.


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