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Summer Camps

Summer is a special time of year. Actually, it’s one of our favorites at Baan Dek. While we maintain the philosophy and spirit of Montessori, we switch gears just a bit, carefully curating a wide selection of unique camps designed to encompass the joy of learning. Each week will be an entirely different educational experience, devoted to a brand new subject. One week will be dedicated to learning about rocket ships, while the next week will be spent exploring art or animals. We can’t wait to see what you choose. We’re so excited to get started!


1. COLORS OF SUMMER • May 18th-22nd
Rainbows are the stuff of dreams. Come imagine with us as we delve into the art and science behind the spectrum of color. Bring your rose colored glasses! Special Visitor: Artist

2. STORIES OF SEUSS • May 26th-29th
Join the narrative as we learn everything about Dr. Seuss, from plot, creation, illustration, to fantasy and more! Oh, the places we’ll go! Special Visitor: Book Mobile *No School 5/25

3. ALL ABOUT FLOWERS • June 1st-5th
Summer is a perfect time of the year to experience nature. From butterflies to blooming flowers, be prepared to get your hands dirty. Special Visitor: Master Gardener

4. BUG LIFE • June 8th-12th
This week, bugs take center stage. Bring your magnifying glass, as we explore the natural world of insects, through careful observation and consideration. Field Trip: Butterfly House

Baan Dek

5. WHEN I GROW UP • June 15th-19th
From astronaut to mechanic, we’ve all wondered about exploring different career paths. In this week, we’ll examine what makes each and every one of them so unique. Special Visitor: Fireman

6. TO THE MOON AND BACK • June 22nd-26th
Come learn the intricacies and adventures of buses, trains, planes, boats, rocket ships and modes of transportation not yet imagined. Special Visitor: Conductor

What better time of the year is there to learn about the history of the United States and the inception of our country? There’s so much to discover! Special Visitor: Historian *No School 7/3

8. ANIMAL KINGDOM • July 6th-10th
Slither into the wonderful worlds of animals, one of our favorite topics of discussion, with this hands-on journey. Special Field Trip: The Zoo


9. ALTERNATIVE SPORTS • July 13th-17th
Join one of our most popular camps and enjoy a week full of activities, games and collaborations, dedicated to alternative sports, like yoga and karate. Special Visitor: Yoga Instructor

10. SEA CREATURES • July 20th-24th
Dive into a week complete with our favorite sea animals, from the smallest plankton to the largest mammals, we’ll explore them all. Special Visitor: Zoologist

11. OUR BODIES • July 27th-31st
Learn about the human body, what makes it so special, and how best to take care of it. Heads, shoulders, knees and toes! Special Visitor: Dentist

12. COOKING CULTURE • August 3rd-7th
Bonjour! Come hungry, come excited, join us as we learn about everything that happens in the kitchen! Special Visitor: Chef

Baan Dek

13. SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS • August 10th-14th
Evoking images of flowing volcanoes and smoldering concoctions, this perennial favorite guarantees to incite curiosity. Special Visitor: Scientist

14. AROUND THE WORLD • August 17th-21st
Come join the adventure as we explore other continents, countries and cultures, in this special week devoted to discovery.
Special Visitor: TBA

15. OUTER SPACE • August 24th-28th
Blast off into this final week of Summer, devoted to learning about astronauts, rocket ships, and the dreams that inspire them.
Special Visitor: Martian


Summer Camps

We’re committed to the idea that learning doesn’t just happen inside a classroom. Learning takes place everywhere! Whether that’s at the zoo, or on a farm, or in an artisan’s bakery, the joy that accompanies new discoveries is pure magic. This Summer, we’ll head out doors, embrace the charms that only the summer can afford, and follow the interests of each and every child. We can’t wait to see where it’ll lead!

Schedule Options:
• Half-Day – 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
• Full-Day – 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Primary Tuition:
• Half-day $128 per week.
• Full-day $188 per week.

Toddler Tuition:
• Half-day $138 per week.
• Full-day $198 per week.

*Please contact us if you’re interested in before and after care.


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