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We’ve got a good thing going, and we’re looking to grow.

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, prior experience with children or not — curiosity & communication are the two strongest job requirements for any role at Baan Dek.

Baan Dek is an accredited Montessori school (the first and only in the state!), which requires specialized training for our classroom lead teachers. We’ve had support professionals become assistant teachers, and assistant teachers become lead teachers. We’re proud to say roles open rarely and for joyful reasons (moving, family changes), and we work hard to ensure a positive, professional environment. Regardless of your title, a firmly held belief here is that we’re all learning, every day. If you like to be coached and mentored, if you like clear, direct, timely communication, if you have a positive attitude & a willingness to learn, email us at, and let’s start a conversation.

Below are the roles Baan Dek is currently interviewing for.

Classroom Assistant — full-time

Classroom Assistants are an integral part of a classroom team. The Montessori-trained teacher and assistant go together like thunder and lightning, salty and sweet. This is a salaried position offering $2900/month, 7 flexible PTO days in addition to paid school breaks, snow days, inservice days, etc. Baan Dek is proud to offer free tuition for staff children (contingent on availability). Full-time positions are also eligible to enroll in health plan (50% covered by Baan Dek) and Simple IRA (up to 3% matching); both these benefits have a mandatory waiting period. The typical hours for this role are 7:25-4:30.  Baan Dek follows the Sioux Falls School District calendar, and we offer camp during the summer. This role begins August 1, 2024.

Support Professionals & Aftercare Providers — part-time

Support Professionals work with a classroom team — a Montessori-trained lead teacher and an assistant teacher — in a support role. In one day, you might rub a back or hold a hand, or you might provide encouragement to someone trying something they’ve not yet mastered, or you might cut and laminate vocabulary cards, whatever the day brings! Hours for this role are 9-2 or 3. Baan Dek follows the Sioux Falls School District calendar, and we offer camp during the summer. Support Professionals are typically working in one classroom, but on occasion might be asked to provide float or admin support. This role has availability starting late summer 2024.

Aftercare Providers work with students from all the classrooms, ages 1-6. Not all families are on a 8:30-3:30 schedule, and aftercare providers help with after school hours. We play inside or outside, children have a snack, and we enjoy hanging out together until children are picked up. Hours for this role are 3 (can be 4) until 6. This role could be ideal for a student (high school or college), and has options for under-18 staff. Baan Dek follows the Sioux Falls School District calendar, and we offer camp during the summer. Aftercare is needed both during the school year and during camp. This role has immediate availability.

These two part-time roles are a great introduction to Montessori, and to Baan Dek.

Both these roles offer opportunity for growth, free enrollment for staff children (contingent on availability), and $15/hour. It can’t be over-emphasized, our diversity is our strength, and we welcome all applicants, not just those with prior education or childcare experience.

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