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We thought we’d try to put together a different type of post, a post geared mainly towards teachers and schools, but perhaps also, inadvertently, towards parents.

Here’s what we had in mind.

We thought we’d share with you a brief glimpse into our weekly team meetings, which happen every Friday am before school starts.

Yep, that early.

Typically, we get together to discuss the goings-on, providing updates and an opportunity for everyone to ask questions and get support from the team.

These range from questions about how to help a student who is on the cusp of learning how to read, to more basic things, like maintaining the calendar and touching base about goals and expectations.

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A few weeks ago, we decided to switch things up.

Moving forward, we will thematize the weeks. Not only will we provide a forum to exchange ideas and share stories, which we previously enjoyed, we will also focus on specific topics, really spending time getting into the weeds.

While each week will have a different theme, we envision that the sessions will, in some capacity, be related to the work that we are doing at the moment. For example, last week we chatted about parent-teachers conferences, as we were preparing for those.

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We’re eager to see what we learn. We’re also interested to hear from you. How does your school or business conduct team meetings? What have you found to be most useful or successful in the workplace?

We’d love to hear from you.

If you’re interested, you can see what we talked about this week – self-care.

Written by:

Bobby George

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