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What Makes Baan Dek Different?

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We like to think what we do here at Baan Dek is rather unique. We thought we’d outline some of those aspects here:

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We are the only first and only accredited Montessori school in the state of South Dakota.

The Association Montessori Internationale is the only foundation established by Maria Montessori, and is based in Amsterdam. There are standards by which they evaluate schools to award or decline recognition.

All our lead teachers hold diplomas from AMI training centers around the world, and have undergone rigorous and thorough training. Sioux Falls is a dynamic, growing, international city, and we think it’s the perfect home for Baan Dek.

Baan Dek

Our staff believe passionately in the Montessori philosophy. We believe our goal is to foster independence in children, in learning, in relationships, in meeting their own needs and assisting others, in language and expression.

We believe children are capable of so much, and it’s our responsibility to prepare the environment and provide children tools to grow into their most successful selves.

We believe social success leads to academic success. We want children to want to come to school because they feel loved and valued by their teachers and classmates.

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We work to foster enthusiasm with learning, in trying new and challenging things. We encourage collaboration rather than competition, as each child’s fiercest competitor is himself.

These are just a few ways the environment at Baan Dek is a special place. We think it’s a wonderful place for children to grow. They are why we do this work.

Written by:

Charlotte Wood

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